Beverly Whipple - Featured Instructor

Beverly Whipple has branded herself as “Your Tattooed Realtor” in her Southern Utah real estate market where she’s made quite a name for herself. Beverly had previously worked as staff manager of a large St. George, Utah brokerage where she not only managed the staff but also the everyday workings of a real estate office. After almost 6 years of running the inside of a real estate office she decided she wanted to get in front of the business and became a full-time Realtor June of 2015 and has never looked back!

Receiving several awards and recognition during her last 6 years in business, including two “Rookie of the Year” awards (for the two different brokerages she’s worked at), Circle of Honor, Circle of Excellence and finalist for “Top Team” Beverly loves what she does and it shows. In keeping with her love for education and helping not only the community but other agents Beverly decided to start her own team. In August 2018 she formed “The NOW! Team” in hopes of offering mentorship and training for other new agents as well as getting answers to her customers and clients because she realized that lack of communication is one of the biggest complaints the public has about Realtors. 

Currently holding 13 destinations/certifications Beverly considers herself on the frontlines of education in her St. George market, absorbing as much as she can about the industry to further her client base and overall knowledge of, what she says is her “calling”, career in Real Estate.

Beverly has two young kids at home, Cougar 9 and Sebastian 5, and has lived in St. George since 1993. “I love the weather here as well as the people and the overall good vibes Southern Utah has to offer” she says of her area. She’s a published author for several real estate publications, including Inman, and not only takes pride in her real estate career but also loves the marketing aspect of her brand. Now working under the ERA Brokers Consolidated name Beverly is looking forward to accomplishing amazing things not only as an educator but a brand ambassador for herself and ERA.

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