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"Creating Extraordinary Experiences For the People I Serve"


What Folks Are Saying About Cheryl Knowlton, CSP, DREI

“What amazes me about Cheryl is the passion, enthusiasm, and energy that she brings to each and every talk. What Cheryl delivers is not just content, it is an experience. Cheryl delivers WOW!”

Darryl Davis, CSP

“Cheryl is a believer in high ethical standards and in doing transactions honestly, efficiently and in a manner that keeps agents away from possible legal problems. She brings an energy and spark to her teaching that is really unsurpassed.”

Bill Freeze, CRS, ABR, e-PRP®, @ Home Realty Network

“Cheryl did a great job providing us with the information needed to succeed not only in our business lives but helped us to look at situations in many different ways, showing us there is always more than one way to get to the finish line. She taught us how to light up a room with a positive outlook, body language and eye contact. I would not hesitate to invite Cheryl back for any of the great topics she has to share. She will ROCK YOUR WORLD!!”

Lori Fleming, CRS, GRI, e-PRO®, Associate Broker, Century 21, Golden Spike Realty

“What an exceptional class and instructor.
I didn’t expect to be entertained and educated. Cheryl is remarkable! Thank you!”

Lynn Rasmussen

“I learned to Evaluate myself and others' personality traits. This program made me commit to working on being a better me so I can do a little better and be a little better at helping others. Cheryl is a sustained gust of wind. (I mean that in a kind and loving way of course)”

Terry Dorsey (RENE Certification)

“I had been on the fence about signing a buyer agency before we looked at homes, but now there is no question about doing it up front. I have the courage to do it. Because of this program, I will ask for a buyer consultation first when I get new clients. I will be willing to show 1 home, because that's sometimes how it plays out, but the buyer broker agreement is PRIORITY. Cheryl is Knowledgeable, Energetic and Motivating”

Brenda Oliphant (ABR Certification)

"Cheryl is a fantastic teacher! She is wildly entertaining and keeps you engaged and interested the entire length of her classes. Be it 2 hours or 2 days Cheryl's teaching method has you learning AND having fun at the same time. Everyone I talk to groans at the idea of doing CE classes but when you take a class from Cheryl you'll be begging to learn more; she's THAT good"

Beverly Whipple
REALTOR® at ERA Brokers

“This class was just great! It was engaging and very informative. Thank you so much for introducing me Chris Voss and for all the book recommendations. This class has made me want to continue to learn and take more classes. Cheryl is Fun, Creative, Intelligent, Engaging, A very good speaker and so much more!”

Lacey Rassmussen (RENE Certification)

“The biggest breakthrough I had while at these courses was how differently people interpret the exact same information, and the importance of repeating back for clear understanding. Because of these clases I will work diligently on creating clear understanding for all involved parties, and not assume that my interpretation is the only correct one. Cheryl is High Energy, upbeat, knowledgeable, empowering, generous.”

Marjorie Russell (ABR & PSA Certifications)

“I would recommend any course taught by Cheryl Knowlton. She is clearly the best CE teacher in Utah!”

Harry A. Rodas, Century 21, Bushnell

“My biggest ah hah during this course was The 'Client' vs. the 'Customer'. I had always made the agency a little uncomfortable for myself and my clients. This is a non-pushy way for me to know who I really need to spend my time with. I always learn something new every class I take. This one was particularly great because most times these designation classes are not taught in my area. I was able to take this class via zoom and it was awesome! Cheryl makes these classes fun and interesting. The time goes by quickly and she is very knowledgeable.”

Amy Call (ABR Certification)

“This course taught me that we should never have 'idle' conversation. On our end, we should be focused on finding out how to build value to the clients' specific hot buttons. I am going to continue my education in real estate via designations, certifications and CE. I will also learn more about personality types so that I work with clients in the way that is most comfortable and rewarding for them. Cheryl is dedicated - to her craft, to real estate, to education, to people. Her enthusiasm is contagious and she inspires in you a desire to be better, know more, and keep learning.”

Sean Klindt (RENE Certification)

“I knew nothing about new construction prior to this class so I learned a lot. I am currently going through my first transaction on a new build and one of the many things I learned that has helped is getting everything that they are upgrading in an addendum so that it is in writing and so that they don't try to charge them later. This course gave me the confidence to finally take my clients to new construction. I always avoided it before. I would describe Cheryl as Fun, straightforward and honest!”

Vhanessa Lee (NHC Certification)

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