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from Dynamite Productions

I teach and empower motivated real estate professionals to raise the bar by providing them with the power tools and consistent to support to win in any market, so they can become more, do more, and have more than they ever dreamed possible.

12-Week Coaching Program
  • Weekly video
  • Weekly live 45-minute group coaching session (via Zoom)
  • Facebook support group
  • Live Weekly coaching on Tuesdays starting January 3, 2023
  • All sessions will be recorded. Live attendance is encouraged but not required.
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Cohort 1 begins January 3!

Deadline to sign up is December 31, 2022 at midnight!!

SPECIAL PRICING for ALL Cohort 1 agents:

    $1999 pay for 1 year upfront with 2 months FREE

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Themes will include:
  • Foundation and Fundamentals - creating and building a business
  • Getting people to hire you
  • Mindset and Habits
  • Time Blocking/Time Management
  • Values/Vision/Goal Setting
  • Building a Brand
  • Knowing and Owning Your Value
  • Business Planning
  • Money Management/Budget
  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Conversion
  • Nurturing Past Clients
  • Utilizing social media strategies to win more business
  • Negotiation
  • Communication & Presentation Skills
  • Professionalism
  • Pricing property properly - how to do a rockstar CMA
  • Marketing strategies
  • Expanding your reach and leveraging your time
  • How to avoid burnout

Introducing: Spark Agent Success

If you are looking for something a little more Do-it-yourself we have the program for you. This program is completely online. Work at your own pace.

Normally this program costs: $1997 but is being offered right now for only $499.

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I work with high and over-achieving real estate professionals to create life and business alignment so they can build a life and a legacy they love, without burnout, bankruptcy, or betrayal. 

More BLISS. More BALANCE. Less Burnout.

My clients come to coaching to create a life of BLISS – a life AND a business they love while embracing all aspects of who they are while battling one or more of the 12 Killer B’s:

Burnout, Bankruptcy, Betrayal, Blah and Boring marketing, Bored with their Personal Appearance, Blurry Boundaries, Blind Spots, Blockages, Beliefs, Behavior, Busy, and Blame. 

When I started in the real estate and mortgage industries in 1999, I had zero boundaries. I was a total people pleaser. I lacked the systems and tools and strategies to allow me to build both a strong sustainable business AND a life I loved. I lived from closing to closing.

And then, I became a single mom. I worked as though their lives depended on me…because they did!

I have been where you are. This is the program I wish had been there for me.

My clients want to create more BEAUTY and BALANCE in their work life and personal life, and more fully integrate the multiple dimensions of their lives, or to move more deeply into one of their long-ignored life passions. Whoever they are, and wherever they are, my clients are interested in creating a life and a business they love while being true to themselves and pursuing their dreams. My clients are at the edge of a new and beautiful phase of their lives and businesses and need support to take their next steps to create greater bliss with less burnout. 

Like my clients, I have more than one life purpose. My family is my everything. I also have goals and dreams and a desire to make a difference – just like you do. The coaching I have received in my life has helped me to act according to all these intentions, to live joyfully and abundantly as my whole self. Today, it is my joy to coach others to do the same as they walk their own Hero’s Journey.

Maybe you are an experienced real estate professional who is working more and longer hours. Maybe you are looking towards retirement and want to create a plan that will allow you a rich, rewarding life without the day-to-day hustle and grind. Maybe you want to deepen your connections with your significant other, your children or your grandchildren. Maybe you're considering leaving a job to be a full-time real estate professional and you want to integrate all your skills and talents and abilities into your everyday life without sacrificing what you love most. Maybe it is high time you started putting yourself first and started making your heath a priority. 

As your coach, I know that you are a hero, whole and complete. I know that you have gifts and talents to share with the world. I know that you want to make a difference. I know that you want to leave a legacy.

As your coach, I will provide tools and techniques and skills and systems that you can use to move past your blockages and your beliefs and your blind spots and your behaviors that are currently preventing you from going from where you are now - to getting to where you truly want to be.

Here’s one thing I know to be true. You are NOT BROKEN. You do not need to be fixed. 

What you may need is a guide to walk WITH you and beside you and “hold the flashlight” for you as you walk your own hero’s path. This is what my coach does for me every single day of my journey. This is what I now get to do with and for others. It is my joy!

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Real Estate Agent Coaching

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DID YOU KNOW? 87% of new agents fail within the first 18 months. BEAT THE CURVE.
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  • Are you working to many hours?
  • Are you keeping your commitments to yourself and your family, as well as to your clients?
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