Are You Operating A RISKY BUSINESS?

Online Coaching Program

from Dynamite Productions

I'm so excited to introduce my Online Coaching Program that will help you get from WHERE YOU WHERE YOU WANT TO BE...

SO I know what you're asking...what is included in this program?

First should know that this is NOT sales based coaching.

So what is it? Well...It's Life Balanced Coaching. This program will teach you how to lay the foundation, enabling you to go vertical with a strong and solid Real Estate Business.

It's a comprehensive program that will take you from very beginning, to really solid, ready to go forward in your Real Estate Business.

Some of the things we talk about during this program are:

  • Your 'WHY' - getting really clear on why it is you got into Real Estate
  • Your Brand - How you're going to go about creating an anthem specifically related to who you are at your best
  • Creating a Written Business Plan (only 7% of agents actually have this)
  • Creating a Personal & Business Budget

These are just some of the pieces of this amazing course. I'll have you do an assessment to make sure you're not burning yourself out. You'll also receive a copy of my book "Burning the Hamster Wheel"

If you're ready and would like to get started right away, GOOD CHOICE! Simply click the 'Register' button now and get going!

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Real Estate Agent Coaching

from Dynamite Productions
DID YOU KNOW? 87% of new agents fail within the first 18 months. BEAT THE CURVE.
  • Are you ready to take your real estate business to the next level?
  • Are you struggling with consistency?
  • Are you struggling to balance your LIFE and your real estate business?
  • Are you working to many hours?
  • Are you keeping your commitments to yourself and your family, as well as to your clients?

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