Ninja Road Warrior Tip of the Day: Check lists

Hi everybody, Cheryl Knowlton, Dynamite Productions coming at you with your Ninja road warrior tip of the day. When you’re packing up and you’re getting ready to leave, you’re probably going to be a little bit stressed and a little bit excited. You need to slow down. Go through your checklist and make sure you.

        1. have your computer
        2. hopefully, you have your PowerPoint presentation or your keynote presentation or your presentation on a backup flash drive that can be plugged into a different computer that’s compatible if you have a Mac that’s compatible with a Windows computer.
        3. Make sure you have your clicker. Make sure you have extra batteries. If you have an external speaker as I do for music, make sure you have that and all power cords. Just take a minute, slow down, go through your checklist, and make sure you’ve got all your tech so you’ll be good to go.