Ninja Road Warrior Tip of the Day: Take Care of Yourself

Hi everybody. Cheryl Knowlton coming at you with your Ninja Road Warrior Tip of the Day. My tip for today is to take care of you. I cannot tell you how many times I have gotten on an airplane and have sat there on the tarmac, unable to get out and unable to do anything where they can’t serve drinks, they can’t serve food and I am starving. Do not do that to yourself.

Get to the airport early

Get to the airport. I always aim to get to the airport two hours before flight time. That allows half an hour wiggle room for traffic, and yes, I am TSA Pre permanently. I’ve talked about that in other videos. That’s an absolute must so that you theoretically can get through security much faster, unless the airport shuts that feature down, which I have had that happen. We never know and things we can’t control, we’ve got to take control of them for ourselves so that we don’t risk missing a flight because that would be a hot batch of not awesome if that happened to you. So no, we don’t want that.

After going through security get a bottle of water and carry snacks

As soon as you get through security, go buy yourself water or you can get through security with an empty water bottle. They just don’t want any liquid in it, which was something I didn’t know for a long time. So, take responsibility for your own hydration and carry some snacks with you. Depending on what you bring on the plane, you may have it thoroughly searched. I know that spices are not encouraged on planes, especially certain kinds of salts because I don’t know anything about bomb-making, but a friend of mine just had this problem. She was stopped at security for more than half an hour because she had bought all kinds of flavored salts and apparently you can make bombs with salts. Who knew? So don’t do that. Don’t make bombs. Don’t fly with salts. Both are Ninja Road Warrior Tips of the Day.

But take responsibility for yourself, for your energy. Don’t start off your trip by not feeling well and not having the resources, the fuel that you need to keep yourself going, even if you wind up getting stuck out on the tarmac for a half an hour or longer. So that is my Ninja Road Warrior Tip of the Day.