Don’t overthink it. Just do it!

Hi everybody, Cheryl Knowlton, Dynamite Productions coming at you with your Dynamite tip of the day.

Today’s tip is, don’t overthink it, just do it. And done is better than perfect. When I went back to heroic public speaking to invest in myself and my career in unprecedented ways in terms of time and money, I was absolutely terrified. I was paralyzed with fear. And this was supposed to be my post-CSP learning experience, Certified Speaking Professional, which is the pinnacle of my career. I went there feeling like I don’t know anything about anything because it’s basically a performance school. It is Hogwarts of public speaking.

As I realized, I was silencing myself and limiting myself and the experience that I was having, because I was so afraid of making a mistake. I think we all do that to a certain extent. Stop silencing yourself, and just remember done is better than perfect.

When I was forced into a situation where I had to get a portion of my speech up on its feet, showing it to people, I started to get a little braver when I realized I didn’t just die, and I can maybe do this again and I won’t die. And then, I started to get more courage. And so put yourself in positions where you force yourself to be uncomfortable. That’s how we grow. And the things that used to make us feel incredibly uncomfortable, become nothing. So for you, maybe that is making a video. Maybe that’s doing a Facebook Live. Maybe that is just being vulnerable on Facebook and sharing things that you otherwise would not have felt comfortable sharing, especially if you’re more introverted. Do something every day that makes you feel uncomfortable, and remember, done is better than perfect.