Data Security: Protocols and Systems

Cheryl: Hi everybody. Cheryl Knowlton and Clay Johnson.

Clay:                      Hello.

Cheryl: Back at you for episode five of this week’s series on data security. So Castle and Cooke have an amazing system and protocol for making certain that lenders have so much more personal data. Basically you have a buyer’s entire world.

Clay:                      Yeah, and in fact more than an accountant, it’s kind of crazy when you look at what we have access to and what we need to do the loan. So one of the things that’s really important for us is how do we protect that information? How do we have a secure vehicle to make sure that the client can get that information to us in a secure format?

Cheryl:                 And you do something great!

Clay:                      We do, it’s really cool.

Cheryl:                  It’s unique.

Clay:                      So we actually have an app that goes right on your phone or your tablet. You just download it and you can literally just take pictures. It will crop it, paste it, flatten it, iron it, make it pretty, and automatically upload that into our very secure system, loan origination software system and it just goes straight into it, which is beautiful because if you’re doing like the PDF and you’re emailing it, there’s are some real security challenges of that.

Cheryl:                 Absolutely.

Clay:                     Especially if it’s not password protected.

Cheryl:                 Definitely. Bad guys can hijack those PDFs pretty easily actually.

Clay:                      They can, absolutely.

Cheryl:                 Yeah. So you don’t have to have a Ph.D. in technology in order to be a really, really bad person and so we’ve got to be smart on our end and take all the precautions necessary to outsmart those bad actors. And on the lending side, on the real estate side, partnering together.

Clay:                      I couldn’t agree more.

Cheryl:                  Yeah, it’s a team effort. Okay well, that’s a wrap for this week for data security. So any other questions, thoughts, experiences that you’ve had, we’d love it if you’d pop a comment or a thought into the comments so that we can hear from you, especially if you have any questions so that we can make sure and answer them.

Clay:                      For sure.

Cheryl:                 And we’ll see you next week.

Clay:                      Bye guys.