Real Estate apps

Cheryl Knowlton:             Hi everybody. Cheryl Knowlton, Dynamite Productions coming at ya with Clay Johnson, Castle and Cooke Mortgage. Today we’re going to talk about technology and the vast array of apps that are out there. And it’s so overwhelming for most realtors.

Clay Johnson:                    It is. And I think that it’s kind of like when you go to a class or something, it’s like drinking from the fire hose. Where do I start?

Cheryl Knowlton:             And I do that to people. We have happy hour in a number of my courses, where we blow each other up with all the great apps and people walk out of they’re going, “Where do I even start?”

Clay Johnson:                    Yes, exactly. And so I think the best place to start is if you look at technology and how things have changed. My mom was a real estate agent. Okay. She had a big book.

Cheryl Knowlton:             My grandfather was. I remember that.

Clay Johnson:                    You controlled everything. So you had all the information. Very, very, very different. In fact, when they ask people now before they bought the home, they say, “What do you think the number one thing your agent’s going to help you do?” They say, “Help me find a home.” Well, there’s a problem with that because it doesn’t give the real value of what a real estate agent does.

Cheryl Knowlton:             Amen to that.

Clay Johnson:                    After the fact, they say, “What was the number one thing your agent did it for you?” Guess what it was? “They helped me understand the process.” Finding the home is so low down there that it almost disappears.

Cheryl Knowlton:             Because a lot of times the buyer, including me, when we bought our home, 16 years ago, I found our home on the Internet. Buyers find their homes on apps or online.

Clay Johnson:                    Well, and the interesting statistic on that, last year we’ve seen this grow dramatically. With millennials, last year, 82% of them found their home not just online on a mobile application.

Cheryl Knowlton:             Do you hear that? 82% of millennials found their home on a mobile app.

Clay Johnson:                    So, the thing we tell people: the first thing you need to do technologically-wise is having that mobile application. It is-

Cheryl Knowlton:             Which mobile app do you recommend?

Clay Johnson:                    We use MobilityRE. It’s actually a local company. We love it. We actually do advertising on it. We can help agents get that at no cost to themselves.

Cheryl Knowlton:             That’s code for free.

Clay Johnson:                    Yes, free. Big word. So, it is amazing though because that way it’s consistently branding you as the agent on there. So they’re seeing your information. Instead of doing some random app, they’re seeing everybody else’s information. It continues to brand your brand. Amazing when you have that. And we’ve had some agents that weren’t really tech-savvy, but they started using it like, “Oh my word, Clay, my clients love this!”

Cheryl Knowlton:             And this is the best!

Clay Johnson:                    It’s the best! So, if you have any questions, give us a call. We would love to help you guys with it. And as always, have a great day! We’ll see you next time.

Cheryl Knowlton:             Yes. He had me at free.