The Miracle Morning

Take control of your time

One of the most important things you can do for your career is to take control of your time and when I say take control of your time, I mean take control of your morning. One of my absolutely favorite books is, and you can see a full list of all the books that I love and recommend on my website at, is a book called The Miracle Morning.

Many of the agents that I’ve spoken to and that I have coached have said that this is the best book that they have read that has been the biggest difference maker in their career.  Period.  The bottom line, you need to treat every single day like you are so excited to get out of bed.  It’s Christmas Day or it’s a Disney day. You don’t hit snooze on a Disney day!  Ever!  Trust me, I know! I never hit snooze on a Disney day.  I am out of bed. I am so excited!

Create a life that you love

You need to create a life for yourself that you love, that you are so excited to get out of bed and hit the ground running.  It usually starts—in this book he recommends that you get up at 5 am.  And some of my coaching clients have actually told me that they get up earlier than that to just have that quiet, beautiful space in the early morning hours to workout, to have their coffee, to plan the day, to go through their affirmations and their goals.  Just create the day they want, rather than have the day come at them.

In this real estate business that we are in, we have things coming at us all the time.  Basically, we are glorified firefighters.  Some day you need to take the time and create the day that you want to have by creating your morning and it starts the night before.  So you’re going to start your amazing miracle morning by planning the day you want to have the night before.  Getting up on time, by going to bed on time and taking control of your days.

So, great book recommendation—The Miracle Morning.  You’ll love it!