Realtor Safety Tip: keyboxes

Hi everybody. Cheryl Knowlton with Dynamite Productions coming at you with your safety tip of the day. September as you well know, probably by now hopefully, is safety month. Here’s a tip that came out of a course that I taught a week ago that I think is a phenomenal idea that we all should be employing year-round.

Let’s say you represent the buyer and you utilize your phone, you unlock the key box and you and your buyer are going into the house. Lock the door, lock the door behind you to keep you both safe. That’s very, very important. When you’re done, put the key back. Obviously that’s a matter of professionalism. If there’s another agent there with their buyer and they just want you to leave the door open, don’t let them because our super boxes allow every single agent to not only login and open that key box themselves, but then that is trackable. In the event, heaven forbid, that that person is actually not a licensee and you let them in, that is a gigantic liability for you.

It’s just a better idea to enter yourself with your buyer, lock the door, keep both of you safe. Let the next agent utilize their key to allow themselves and their buyer in. That is the safety tip of the day.