Realtor Safety: cell phones

Cheryl:                  Hi everybody, Cheryl Knowlton with Dynamite Productions. Coming at you…

Clay:                      Hello.

Cheryl:                  …Clay Johnson, Castle and Cooke Mortgage. Today we are talking again about awareness and especially when it comes to safety, and Clay has a fabulous story that I am so excited for him to share with you.

Clay:                      One of the things I was talking to Cheryl about was, of course, I had the beard to match the Harley Davidson…

Cheryl:                  Yes, got the whole look going on.

Clay:                      Had the whole look. We may put a few pictures down below you guys would have some fun with.

Clay:                      But you know, when I started riding motorcycles, I had ridden dirt bikes forever. I didn’t think I’d ever get into street biking, as far as the Harley Davidson, but got an invitation to go on a trip, sounded kind of fun, though nothing else, “I’ll sell this motorcycle when I’m done”. I absolutely fell in love with it. We’ve had a ton of fun. But one of the things it did is it really made me a better driver. And what I mean by that is when you’re on a motorcycle, you don’t have the protection of this big vehicle all the way around you. So you’re watching everything that’s happening on the road, you’re anticipating moves, you’re watching what’s going on.

Cheryl:                  And your awareness and your sense of awareness is so heightened.

Clay:                      Awareness. And what I noticed is it carried over to when I drive my vehicle and it really kind of was an eye-opener for me about the safety that we have with today’s technology and how we get distracted. Telling you, Cheryl, I would never do a text message while I’m on my motorcycle.

Cheryl:                  Of course not, you’d be dead!

Clay:                      It’s just not going to happen. But why do we do that in our cars when we’re putting other people at risk?

Cheryl:                  Why do we do that in our cars?

Clay:                      I think it’s just this one of those safety things. I’ve noticed with you, your responder always comes back as “I’m driving right now. If this is urgent, reply and send ‘urgent’ in quote marks and let me know and I’ll get back as soon as possible.” I think that’s just a great responder because it helps us just drive responsibly. And it’s so funny. Of all the things I’d never thought that riding a Harley Davidson would teach me to be safer in how I’m commuting out there.

Clay:                      With realtors, it’s their mobile office, right?

Cheryl:                  Absolutely. We live in our cars.

Clay:                      They’re driving around, we live in our cars, we’re driving around. It’s what you guys do. And so just being highly aware and conscious of what’s happening around you and not getting distracted by that little piece of technology, we always have limits.

Cheryl:                  Absolutely. No such thing as a real estate emergency. It can wait because you have people who love you, care about you, and want you to come home.

Clay:                      For sure. So hope that helps, guys. We love talking to you about some of these segments. Have a great week and we will talk to you soon. Bye.