Realtor Code of Ethics in Every Day Life

Hi, everybody, Cheryl Knowlton coming at you with your dynamite tip of the day. Here is video number four in my segment on how to really set yourself apart and the biggest challenges that we face has real estate professionals. So one of the challenges that came up was ethics, the ethics of other real estate professionals and ultimately I have two things to say about that. Number one, learn the code of ethics. I wish that we did not separate and extract the code of ethics as a thing that should be separated and handled every two years. It used to be every four, now it’s every two.

Ethics should be a part of everyday life

Personally, as an educator that ethics should be infused in every single class that we ever teach on agency, on the contract, on how to build a real estate business. Ethics needs to be in the tapestry of every single thing that we do and every single thing that we talk about. So my challenge to you is if we know better, we can do better and so if that is a problem, universally being seen in our industry, make sure that the buck stops with you and that you are not the problem. Learn the code of ethics, learn it better than you know it and try always to learn something new about it, take different courses on the code of ethics.

You’re not limited to just one. You can take many and I have found that by taking different courses on the same subject but from different instructors, I get a totally different perspective that has been very, very helpful for me to build my knowledge base. Number two, just like they tell you at the airport, if you see something, say something. Part of the code of ethics says that not only what we as real estate professionals abide by the rules and be good boys and girls, it also says that if we see something if somebody violates the code of ethics, that we will report it.

There is a specific protocol for how to go about doing that in each and every state, you need to figure out what that is and execute that so that we can regulate from within and not be regulated from without. And that is my dynamite tip of the day.