Ninja Travel Tip: Have a good set of earphones

Hi everybody. Cheryl Knowlton, Dynamite Productions coming at you with yet another ninja travel rule. This isn’t necessarily a rule but it’s something that I absolutely love and modified with that is a loving suggestion.

My favorite of are the Bose Headphones

I should have brought them so that I could show you but I absolutely love my Bose headphones. The second I get on the plane, I put them on my head. Not that I’m not trying to be social with people but when I’m on an airplane, I really don’t necessarily want to make friends. I want to totally tune out. Ideally, the sooner I can get into

nap mode, the better. If I’m asleep before we take off, even better still. But I love my Bose headphones because they’re noise-canceling headphones. I’m certain there are other phenomenal brands out there. I just know and love and trust Bose. And it’s something that I could buy at the Apple store, which of course, just like, all the Apple for me.

Another thing that I love about them is that they’re rose gold and so that they make me really happy when I look at them and because they’re pink. Everything that’s pink makes me super happy.

Be sure to pay attention to announcements

I will tell you a funny story though about it was something to watch out for. If you know that the captain is making an announcement, you might want to listen to what is being said. They are so effective at canceling out all noise that I actually had the experience of coming down close enough to the ground that my phone started to blow up with incoming texts and emails and voicemail notifications and all of the crazy, right? And I started to get texts from my husband, “Where are you? Where are you? Where are you?” I texted him back, “We’re about to land.” He replied, “Not in Salt Lake, you’re not.” And I opened the blind because I had a window seat and it did not look like Salt Lake City. There were no mountains, there were no buildings. And the airport was less than half the size of Salt Lake’s airport. Then I saw a sign on the side of one of the buildings and it said, “Welcome to Boise.” What in the world?

So, my noise cancellation headphones had been so magically effective that I had missed a major announcement, that there was… it was during fire season. There was so much smoke that the pilot could not safely land the plane. And he circled around the airport three times before he realized, and air traffic control told him, “You do not have the fuel to try and fail again.” So, we had to fly to Boise and refuel and come back. That was a major lesson to me that if I’m awake and I realize the pilot is making an announcement, take off the Bose headphones and listen to the important announcement before going back into my zone.

So, create systems for yourself that create comfort and peace and safety and happiness while you’re flying so you can get to your destination rested and refreshed.