Ninja Road Warrior Tip of the Day: Time zones

Hi everybody. Cheryl Knowlton, Dynamite Productions coming at you with another Ninja Road Warrior tip of the day. Okay, so one of the things that I love so much about Apple is it will automatically change times when I land in a totally different time zone. And here’s my funny story for you for the day. Even if you live in that time zone, you might forget if you’re making a time zone change.

Case in point, a few weeks ago I was doing a state tour, seven different speaking engagements in six different locations over a four-day period. There was an individual who was responsible for getting me from point A to point B to C to D to E to F and all the way around. And obviously doing seven engagements in four days, you don’t have to be awesome at math to figure out I was doing more than one event a day.

Now the problem came from doing one event in one time zone and then she put me in the van and well, I immediately went to sleep, which is fabulous. Resting and getting ready for the next one. We got there thinking we had an hour and 14 minutes to spare and she said, “Okay, go into the restaurant, order something to eat. I’ll be right in and you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your meal. Then we’ll go in and we’ll set up.” She lives in that state, did not have a time zone change and she totally and completely forgot that point C and point D had an hour time zone difference.

When we got there, instead of going into the restaurant, we were greeted at the door with, “Thank heaven, you’re here. We’ve been worried about you.” Times zone change. We had 14 minutes to set up and start over again. No lunch for me. Yeah, so wonderful to be able to rely on individuals but also make sure you’ve got the systems in place necessary to make certain that you know the time zone that you’re going to be in. Ideally, your devices are going to change for you so that they are idiot-proof, which I always need.

Also having multiple alarms on different devices and making certain that you turn off airplane mode so that you can sync to the proper time will save you from making all the mistakes that I’ve made.