Ninja Road Warrior Tip of the Day: Keep liquids in a baggy that seals

Keep liquids in sealed baggies

Hi everybody, Cheryl Knowlton coming at you with your Ninja Road Warrior tip of the day. If you are going to be traveling with nail polish, specifically red nail polish, I’m going to highly recommend that you put it in a separate plastic baggy that seals. I had just purchased a brand new one, and I put it in my suitcase and Delta Airlines at that point was a little rough with my luggage. When I got to my destination and opened my suitcase, it looked like a homicide had taken place and I took pictures of it and it got lots of traction on Facebook and that was really funny, except that it wasn’t. Not only did it ruin that red nail polish and I couldn’t use it when I got there, it got all over, not everything, thank heaven it didn’t ruin any of my clothing, but it made a gigantic mess and it ultimately kind of ruined that suitcase for me.

Airlines love it when you keep those liquids sealed

I was obviously never able to get any of that out of the inside and it was a hot mess. Heaven forbid you to get something that is going to stain all of your clothing, all over your uniform that we’ve talked about in other videos, so that you don’t show up, ready to rock and roll and deliver at your very, very best. So airlines like it when we put all of our liquids in baggies, don’t do it for them, do it for yourself. In the event that something explodes, something makes a mess. Whether it’s mouse or hair gel or hairspray, you want that contained, you want them in a baggy so that you can toss it and it doesn’t get all over all of the rest of your things. Making a tremendous and hot mess of all of the rest of your belongings, including your beautiful uniform. And that is my Ninja Road Warrior tip of the day.