Ninja Road Warrior Tip of the Day: Don’t overlook the technical aspects of your speaking engagement

Hi, everybody. Cheryl Knowlton coming at you with your Ninja Road Warrior tip of the day. Again, this one is about tech. Number one. Talk to the meeting planner about when they want you to be there for your AV check, your soundcheck. Because chances are, something’s going to be glitchy, weird or altogether wrong and fouled up. You’re going to need to make sure you get somebody in there to help you get it all fixed and working beautifully so you are not freaking out and stressed out. Number two. Carry a few extra Amazon gift cards. $15 denominations, $30 denominations and make friends with the AV people. Thank them.

Call them by name and recognize and appreciate them for saving you especially if there’s a hiccup or a problem. You will never regret making friends of the people who helped you along the way so that you will be good to go.