Mastering your morning

Hi, everybody. Cheryl Knowlton, CEO of Dynamite Productions, coming at you with an important thought for the day.

In my book, Burn the Hamster Wheel, I talk about strategy number one is master your morning, and then strategy number two is time blocking. I talk about this little number right here. This is called the Panda Planner. I have been in love with planners for decades. My very first carry-around, the haul-it-with-me-everywhere planner was the 7 Habits Planner, which I thought was absolutely phenomenal. It went along with Stephen Covey’s amazing book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

I have tried several different planners

I have tried pretty much every single one of them, some of the many, many times. This is my absolute favorite. The Panda Planner is… and I get absolutely nothing for telling you this. I don’t own stock in the company. I just think it is absolutely fabulous. I owe my good friend and former coaching client, Ben [Jewitt 00:01:01], for turning me on to the Panda Planner.

You can plan monthly and weekly and daily, which I need all in one spot. I tried several other planners. They were missing one or the other of those pieces of functionality. Just for kicks and giggles, I’ll show you what the daily looks like. Should I show you one of my hot-mess days? There we go. That’s what that looks like. We’ll go to a blank page. Okay, so at the top, you’ve got your day and date, your daily habit, three things you’re grateful for, three things you’re excited about, your focus, what you’re doing for exercise and affirmation, your daily priorities, you’ve got five, your to-do’s.

At the end of the day, you get to write down your wins

At the end of the day when you’re planning for tomorrow, you get to assess what was great today and write down your wins. I absolutely love that. Then plan tomorrow today. That is a huge, huge strategy that I teach, and I would honestly do a lot better if I would live by that.

There you go. is their website. I hope you enjoy it, and I’d love to hear about it if you do.