Learn to Say No

Clay Johnson:                    Hi there. Clay Johnson again, Castle & Cooke Mortgage. I am here with Cheryl Knowlton, Dynamite Productions trainer extraordinaire. So we’ve been kind of talking a little bit about do’s and don’ts and the power of no, and when to say no.

Cheryl Knowlton:             Yeah.

Clay Johnson:                    So, Cheryl, you’ve had some experiences over the years and heard and learned some things on when it helps to say no.

Cheryl Knowlton:             Absolutely. And this is such a personal subject for me because I am a recovering people pleaser. Long story on that that we won’t bore you with today. When we were doing our last video segment, it reminded me of a really good friend of mine. We had a referral, we all love referrals, for some amazing friends of ours that wanted to sell a reception center. It was two different pieces of real estate on one lot, and they wanted us to sell it. And they came to us because we had the relationship, which is what we love, right?

Clay Johnson:                    Absolutely.

Cheryl Knowlton:             We felt like we were way over our heads. And article 11 of the code of ethics, thou shall not be an idiot. We referred it out to someone else who had a real estate license, as well as could evaluate the value of the business and sell the business along with the real estate.

Clay Johnson:                    Yeah.

Cheryl Knowlton:             The seller came to my friend Tom the day before settlement. The day before. And this was not an easy transaction. It was probably three months under contract, just because there were so many moving parts. And disclosed to his agent, Tom, the boiler doesn’t work and the roof needs to be replaced. And it was January, so the inspector did not catch that. And he said, “Because you’re my agent, you can’t disclose that.” And Tom looked right at him and he said, “I don’t like you enough to go to jail for you.”

Clay Johnson:                    That’s a nice way to say no.

Cheryl Knowlton:             That is a nice way to say no. So Clay’s way was very kind but very definitive and very firm. And Tom’s way was very hardcore. “I don’t like you enough to go to jail for you.” So no matter how you say it, we want to make sure that you practice saying no because you might need to do that if you’re a recovering people pleaser like I am.

Clay Johnson:                    No question about it. And it’ll vary depending on each person. But, guys, we hope you enjoyed that segment. I think we’ve all been there. Until next time.

Cheryl Knowlton:             See you next time.