Keep your message short and succinct and to the point

Fresh New Ideas

Hi, everybody, Cheryl Knowlton coming at you with your dynamite tip of the day. So, part two of my series on what is a real estate agent’s biggest challenge today. Education, I went to an international business conference for a major brand a couple of years ago and they interviewed the rookie of the year for the entire organization, worldwide organization. And they said, “What did you do to become rookie of the year?” And he said, “I actually did something that I came up with that I’d never heard of before and so my ears perked up. I thought, “Wow, I love fresh new ideas.”

He said he started going to his HOA meetings and he started giving a one-minute synopsis of, “Okay, in the last 30 days we had this many of this unit to sell for this average sales price and this many of this unit sale for this average sales price.” And then he said, “If you have any questions, I’ll be around after for a few minutes. Thank you very much.” And he sat down. The biggest mistake I can see a lot of people making is they will be so excited to suddenly start going to their HOA meetings and you’re going to talk too long. One-minute max and one minute go very, very quickly. I’ve learned that from making these videos. I have to have Tyler keep me on track here and that’s a full-time job for anybody, just ask my husband.

Get to the point

Just talk for one minute and just make it very specific and very, very factual and then invite people and talk to you afterward. Short, sweet, succinct, and to the point, be the source of the valuable information and the knowledgeable expert in your marketplace so that you know what is really going on. The second thing that said is to invest in as much education as you possibly can you’re the first year so that you can have the knowledge base and the competence to really set yourself apart and feel like you know what you’re doing when you walk into a listing appointment or start working with a buyer.

I will talk more about that in segment three, we’ll see you there.