Jeannene Dozier - Chief Operations Officer

Dynamite Productions, Inc is thrilled to announce that Jeannene Dozier has been promoted as the company’s newest Chief Operating Officer. Jeannene has served as the Chief Marketing Officer for over a year, and will continue to oversee all marketing efforts, but will step into this new role and oversee all aspects of the business as the COO. 

Jeannene is dedicated, organized, efficient, and creative. Her talent for keeping the train on the tracks is her most appreciated attribute on the Dynamite Productions team. She is friendly and helpful with students in their pursuit of education. She is prompt in answering questions and addressing concerns. She is careful with company resources, and she is creative with new endeavors and opportunities. Jeannene is a fast learner and has been able to take on each new challenge with grace and ease at Dynamite Productions as she’s slowly climbed up the corporate ladder.

Jeannene has a degree in Medical Technology, and is graduating again this fall with a degree in Humanities & Social Services. Jeannene’s favorite color is white, favorite drink is Diet Coke, and favorite thing to do is be with her husband Jackson and son JJ. Jeannene loves to play games and do all things outside in her rural Utah town. 

Have a question for Jeannene? Reach out to her anytime. She can be contacted at: 

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