Endurance and Crossing the finish line

Clay Johnson:                  Hi there guys, Clay Johnson again with Castle and Cooke Mortgage, here with Cheryl Knowlton, Dynamite Productions. Gosh, I love that name, never get tired of it.

Cheryl Knowlton:           Well, you had me at “castle”.

Clay Johnson:                   We have fun, it’s fun to talk to you guys about this. And we’ve been talking this week about what we’ve learned from extreme events, some endurance events that we’ve done. Life is an endurance event, you know?

Cheryl Knowlton:             It is, and so is real estate for sure.

Clay Johnson:                    Yes, and so how do you endure that? I know you’ve had some lessons, experiences running marathons that you-

Cheryl Knowlton:             Halves, I’m only half crazy.

Clay Johnson:                   Halves, I like that. But tell us a little bit about some of the things that you’ve learned. You’d mentioned one thing specifically, tell us a little bit about that.

Cheryl Knowlton:             Oh my goodness, so it was actually two years ago right now, I was doing a 10k at Disneyland with my sister. Doing Disney races is my absolute favorite sweet spot in the whole wide world, right?

Clay Johnson:                    Big surprise. Nobody would know you like Disney.

Cheryl Knowlton:             I know, right? Shocker. But it was an interesting experience, it was that particular race where I hurt my foot, my left foot, and I talked about that in my book, and I’ve done other videos about that. But as we got to the finish line, literally 10 feet from the finish line, right off on the lefthand side, a girl just grabbed her leg and collapsed to the ground rolling and screaming and writhing in pain.

Clay Johnson:                    Wow.

Cheryl Knowlton:             She could not cross. And I’ve thought about that metaphorically, physically. I mean you’re that close, you have run the entire race, you’re right there. What would I do to cross the finish line? Would I drag myself across? Would I encourage somebody to pick me up by the shoulders or just literally put me on their back? Would I cross the finish line or would I give up?

Clay Johnson:                    Interesting. Yes, because physically, obviously, she felt, after 13-point-how many miles?

Cheryl Knowlton:             That was only a 10k, so yeah.

Clay Johnson:                    But it felt like “I can’t go any further”.

Cheryl Knowlton:             Yeah, I mean she was obviously in serious medical need, but still, what does it take to cross the finish line?

Clay Johnson:                    Yeah. And I think that’s the big thing, is how are we going to get this particular client across the finish line? And we’ve all had those clients-

Cheryl Knowlton:             We do, we do that as real estate professionals, as mortgage professionals, that is what we do. And we don’t get paid unless and until we help them cross the finish line.

Clay Johnson:                    That’s right, strong motivation, just as there is an event, there’s strong motivation to say, “I did it.” And there is in every deal and every transaction we do too.

Cheryl Knowlton:             Absolutely. Helping our clients cross the finish line is exactly what it takes for us. Can you imagine what it would be like in real estate if we only got paid when we win?

Clay Johnson:                    Yes.

Cheryl Knowlton:             Like a professional football team, they get paid when they lose. We don’t get paid when we lose.

Clay Johnson:                    Nope, not so much.

Cheryl Knowlton:             So yeah, this is the great equalizer, is real-estate and lending.

Clay Johnson:                    For sure, for sure. So I hope that helps. We’re going to come at you one more time on our series here that we’ll wrap up for this week. And until then, we’ll see you next time.

Cheryl Knowlton:             See you next time.