Burn the Hamster Wheel: Put on your own oxygen mask first

Hi everybody. Cheryl Knowlton coming at you with your Dynamite tip of the day. So how many of you have actually been on an airplane. If we did it by show of hands, probably most of you have been on an airplane. Whether it was a long time ago or more recently, you know that before the plane even takes off, you get to sit through a fabulous little demonstration of what to do in case of an emergency.

I had been on over a thousand flights and never really paid attention

It used to be that they had the little steward or stewardess do the demonstration of how the seat belt works and your flotation device and all of that. Now it’s a little video that appears in a little screen right above you, kind of cartoony, a little bit more engaging. I find myself watching it and becoming a little bit more alarmed about my flotation device. Like wow. How is it that I’ve been on over a thousand flights and never really paid attention to that and how to actually execute that.

But you know as well as I do that they told you and told you and told you that in the event of an emergency, whose oxygen mask do you need to put on first? Your own. We need to learn how to take better care of ourselves. In this industry, and real estate in particular, where we don’t necessarily have set hours and we are our own boss, how’s that working out for most of us? Some of us not very well. We don’t take care of ourselves.

This prompted me to write a course

Which prompted me to go on a journey to write a course called Burn the Hamster Wheel. And I’ve actually written a book based on that original keynote that I gave at the Florida State Association of Realtors Conference in August of 2018 that has leveraged into a totally specific keynote on how we can learn specific stress management strategies to help us so that we do not experience overwhelm and burnout and just complete and total unhappiness, leading to major, major sickness and potentially even worse. We need to learn how to jump off and burn that hamster wheel once and for all.

I’m excited for you to be able to not only read my book but be able to see me deliver this keynote in action so that I can get your insights and input. Because truthfully, this is something that I have made every mistake in the book, literally, and am always looking for ways to improve in this area myself. So hopefully we’ll be able to engage in this conversation and you can share with me some things that you’ve learned so that we can all learn together.